Coffee Table Book

GOAL: The goal of this project was to collaborate with a group to collect information through research, first hand opinions, and interviews on a topic and present it in a “coffee table book” format.

STRATEGY: I worked in a team that focused on the topic “A Day in Downtown Calgary” where we outlined places to go in downtown Calgary. We tried to find a variety of places in order to appeal to as many potential users as we could. Before we conducted any interviews or other research we decided on 5 topics that we could include about each place, this ensured our book remained consistent. We discussed certain places we would focus on and research individually. While compiling our book we decided it would work best if everyone was assigned jobs, a team member and I worked on the document layout and design. I worked with a team member to design the document, we spent hours experimenting with different color schemes, fonts, and the layout in general. It was beneficial to have tried many different options because in the end everyone on the team was 100% satisfied with our book.

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