Place Branding

GOAL: The goal of this project was to work in pairs to capture the essence of an area of Calgary through branding.

STRATEGY: After being provided with an area of Calgary we conducted field research to allow us to get an unbiased sense of what the area really was. Our field research involved walking through our entire area and interviewing people we passed to get a sense of how people viewed the area, we also conducted observational research by writing down interesting things we noticed in the area and taking a large amount of pictures. We also conducted desk research afterwards to see if there was something special about the area we would not have known through going there, what stood out the most was that there was plans for a new C-Train station just outside of the area. After our research we developed a name for our area, we settled on “Aldea” because it meant village and we felt out area was like a small village in itself. After the name we developed a tag-line and visuals to represent our area. Our logo is meant to have a blueprint feel because we felt a strong “do-it-yourself vibe throughout the area. We also developed a style guide for documents which outlined how the logo could be used and what fonts could be used in documents.

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