Research Showcase

(Youth Unemployment)

GOAL: The goal of this project was to research a topic based off of one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and present the data in a way people would want to interact with. This project was displayed showcased at Mount Royal Universities “Humanly” Information Design Showcase in 2019.

STRATEGY: I worked in a team of two to first pick one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals we felt we would most like to explore. After landing on Goal #8 Decent work and Economic growth we spent a week brainstorming a “how might we” question which we landed on “How might we reduce barriers that youth face in finding employment in Calgary”. As a team we conducted desk research, observational research, and interviewed many subject matter experts in order to collect the information and understanding necessary to create a project that properly showcased this topic. We used a mix of visual diagrams, written facts, and even made a 3D maze to draw in people to interact with our information.

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