Typeface Design

GOAL: The goal of this project was to create a typeface for an organization that was consistent; each letter needed to have the same line weights, proportions, and terminal type.

STRATEGY: The organization I chose was the World Health Organization (WHO). The World Health Organization is a serious organization that works helping people across the world. To reflect this characteristic I wanted to create a legible but interesting typeface that the World Health Organization could (hypothetically) use for headings on their website. I decided to create a typeface that was sans serif, used relatively thin lines, and experimented with the placement of the thinnest and thickest parts of the terminals. The thin lines and legibility of the font was used to convey the importance and seriousness of the organization. I utilized varying line weights to represent how responsive they need to be, the World Health Organization needs to be able to think on their toes and adapt to different situations. An eye for detail is crucial to design, and that multiple renditions are necessary to the quality of a project.

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