Wayfinding Analysis

GOAL: The goal of this project was to study the wayfinding systems at a location of choice in groups and to collectively report on and critique the wayfinding systems in place.

STRATEGY: Wayfinding is spatial problem solving, it is knowing where you are in a space and how to get where you need to be. Good wayfinding techniques can utilize building design, signage, orientation, and location. The chosen location for the analysis was the National Music Centre that recently opened in Calgary called Studio Bell. My team went to Studio Bell and collectively analyzed the buildings wayfinding strategy and improvements we might make. After we discussed as a group we further explored an individual focus area (mine was building design) and combined our work into one document. Since my focus was on the design of the building I paid special attention to factors such as; the layout, where the staircases were and how efficiently could users move between exhibits. Understanding the importance of proper signage and directions to increase the usability of a building or area is valuable knowledge for future projects.

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